Good Data Hygiene Leads to Healthy & Profitable Client Relationships

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In working with a client recently on their organization-wide CRM strategy, we were discussing the goals and objectives for the project, and one of the Directors mentioned her goal was to instill better "Data Hygiene" across the organization.  As she said it, I thought it really encapsulated what many organizations are working to improve on, and establish best practices around, to improve their overall business. Although we work with clients in this area every day, I had not heard anything yet that truly captured the essence of this concept as well.


After all, the overall health of any organization is largely derived from the health of their data.  This health pertains to not only their financial data, their operational data, or their employee data, but also, and maybe most important, - their combined customer and market data, which is the true life-blood that best signifies the overall health of the organization.

Hygiene as defined by Merriam-Webster is defined as, "the things that you do to keep yourself and your environment clean in order to maintain good health; 1) a science of the establishment and maintenance of health; 2) conditions or practices of cleanliness conducive to health."

Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) is seen often as the gold quality standard in terms of data quality for businesses. Their D&B360 solution works great with CRM systems to ensure you are not only exercising good regular data hygiene, but also helping to ensure its overall heath.  In a recent article, D&B Unveils D&B360 for CRM with All-New User Interface and Expanded Functionality, D&B outlines how these data improvements help provide sales and marketing teams easy access to insight needed to find and develop the most profitable relationships, which is often the ultimate signal of the overall “health” of a business or organization.

D&B360 is an extremely beneficial tool to maintain your organizations overall data hygiene and health by ensuring clean data. As an award-winning sales and marketing intelligence tool, it helps drive business improvement by extending the performance in essential business areas. It helps sales organizations fully leverage their leads and opportunities to close more business by providing the sales intelligence required to successfully compete for and retain top clients. It allows marketing groups to increase their overall campaign effectiveness by providing faster and more robust client targeting using segmentation data and list building tools.  It also enables sales operations teams to more accurately align sales resources with the best opportunities to help with time and cost efficiency for a greater ROI.


For more information, feel free to watch our recent webinar on this topic, in partnership with Dun & Bradstreet, titled Trusted Client Intelligence, where viewers can actually see a live overview and demonstration of how businesses can utilize CRM and D&B360 to accelerate their sales cycles, identify new opportunities, and recognize methods for expending into new markets.

by BDK Technologies, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner in MO,NB,KS


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