CRM Software BuyerView 2013 Report Shows What CRM Buyers Want

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New research suggests that prospective CRM buyers are largely aiming for the cloud. According to a new report by Software Advice ( nearly half of organizations have not decided on a deployment model, but of the half that have decided, 96 percent chose the cloud.

Of the survey respondents, 91 percent were interested in best-of-breed solutions rather than integrated suites or purchasing multiple products. Those looking to purchase best-of-breed or integrated suites were primarily seeking sales automation functionality above all else. 76 percent wanted sales force automation. Marketing automation came in second at 8 percent, with call center, field service and customer service all taking small percentages.

Over 68 percent of the CRM buyers sampled had never used a CRM system, relying on other methods, such as spreadsheets, to handle the necessary tasks.  The most desired feature CRM buyers want is contact management. Note taking capabilities and reporting analytics were also high choices on the list. Many organizations also want a CRM solution that can integrate with their other critical systems and software.

Why do these companies want CRM software? According to the report, they want improved efficiency, better features, better integration and better upgrade cycles. A significant amount were also unhappy with their current systems. Nevertheless, an increase in efficiency was the most important reason to these prospective buyers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers streamlined automated sales processes that can shorten the sales cycle by providing a single view of a customer. This results in both higher close rates and better customer retention.  Furthermore, no CRM solution integrates better with your current business software than Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which connects with other Dynamics products as well as Microsoft Office.

You can read the full report at CRM Software BuyerView 2013, including helpful charts and graphics.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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