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The Customer Effective Product Management team has started working with and demonstrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 to our customers and team members. Over the past week we have been testing cross-browser functionality with a customer and wanted to share a few quick tips. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 has a new interface for a user’s desktop and mobile experience.  Although I love the CRM 2013 Mobile Forms experience, sometimes a user needs the full CRM 2013 Desktop while using a “non-supported configuration” such as Safari on pre-release Microsoft Windows 8.1 (beta version). The following outlines some documented issues that we have discovered and recommendations to address these.

Supported Configurations Web Browsers and Mobile Devices

At this time, users can access Microsoft Dynamics CRM on the most recent and released versions of the following browsers and mobile devices:


Non-supported Browser Configurations

If you are using CRM in a non-supported browser and operating system configuration, CRM 2013 will default to the Mobile Express (CRM for Phones) user interface.  This means if you want to go to using an unsupported configuration your browser will default to


There are a couple ways to address this. The quickest and easiest method is to add “/main.aspx” to the URL (


If you are using a pre-release version of Internet Explorer and Windows, you can add the site to your browser’s compatibility settings and you are good to go.  More details about Internet Explorer’s Compatibility View are available at


Other Considerations when using Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Pre-release versions of Other Browsers and Operating Systems

  • Access to content using iFrames may be impacted by your organization’s security restrictions around certain actions in that content, such as external links.
  • Copy and paste functionality by using the clipboard is not yet fully supported on the
  • Firefox and Chrome web browsers may have limited copy and paste functionality.  Security restriction codes in Firefox are currently not supported.  These should be on the roadmap to be addressed shortly.
  • Dynamic Worksheets may display an error while using Safari when opening the file in Safari and Devices using Windows 8.1.   To remedy this, right-click the file, choose Get Info, and, under Open With, select Excel.

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Users can access Microsoft Dynamics CRM on mobile devices, smartphones and tablets such as a Microsoft Surface, an iPad, an iPhone or a Windows Phone.  The new app is called the Windows Mobile Client App or MoCA. Please visit the Microsoft Marketplace for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Windows 8 mobile app.


Please visit the iTunes site for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for iPad app.


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