14 Industry Business Process Templates for CRM 2013 are HERE!

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I'm happy to announce that the CRM 2013 industry business process templates are available for FREE to download.  There are 14 total.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deal, On Boarding and Account Planning Process
  2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Wealth Management Process
  3. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Life Insurance Sales Process
  4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Health Plan Sales Management Process
  5. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Citizen Service Request Process
  6. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Complex Opportunity Management Processes
  7. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Grant Management Process
  8. Microsoft Dynamics CRM License and Permit Compliance Process
  9. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Public Sector Case Management Process
  10. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Public Sector Case Management Process
  11. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service Call – Repair and Return Process
  12. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sports Management Process
  13. Microsoft Dynamics Solution Selling® – Short Sales Cycle
  14. Microsoft Dynamics Solution Selling® – Strategic/Complex Sales Cycle

Click here for additional information and links to download one of the FREE business process templates!

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3 thoughts on “14 Industry Business Process Templates for CRM 2013 are HERE!”

  1. Hi

    I downloaded a few of these solutions and tried to import them. CRM solution import throws "Invalid solution" error in all of them. Are there any prerequisites which need to be in place?

    I tried with CRM 2013 RTM and CRM 2015 Online.

    1. If you click on the link, you download a .cab file. Inside that cab file is a ZIP file, which contains 2 more ZIP files and a powerpoint presentation. Of those two zip files, one should be the actual solution, and one is sample data. It's not completely clear which zip file is the one that should be imported into CRM as a solution. I hope this helps.

  2. Good Day,

    Can one install two solutions in one organisation? Eg the Wealth Management and the Health Plan Sales Solution. And be able to use both simultaneously?


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