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13 Reasons Why You May Not Need CRM

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Most everyone in marketing, sales, and customer service is aware of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Many CEO's managers, and salespeople are reaping CRM's benefits -- increased profits, lower costs, and loyal, satisfied customers. Others, however, are undecided or they think (hope) that their marketing and sales processes are okay.

If you are among those who do not have today's technologies (including CRM), here are 13 questions to consider. If you answer "Yes" to all of these items, then it's possible that you may not need a CRM system. However...

  1. Can everyone involved with a sale (including CFO, CEO, marketing, sales, customer service, field service, accounting, production, and shipping) access all information about all accounts, anytime, anywhere, easily, and quickly?
  2. Can account managers quickly check their customers' order history to access buying habits and/or identify new selling opportunities?
  3. Are all accounts followed up with, promptly and thoroughly?
  4. Are all inquiries/requests for quotes handled completely so none slip through the cracks?
  5. Are all sales opportunities acted on, promptly and thoroughly?
  6. Are all requests for service taken care of, promptly and thoroughly?
  7. Is there always enough time for both administrative work and productive marketing, selling, and servicing?
  8. Can you track all sales leads from various campaigns and how many were converted into sales?
  9. Are all key performance indicators for salespeople measured, so that high achievers are recognized?
  10. Do you know how to "clone" high achievers to turn low performers into high performers?
  11. Do you always know where all your salespeople are?
  12. Can you confidently predict cash flow, production requirements, and project deliveries?
  13. Are decisions based on valid, trusted, up-to-date, and readily available reports and information?

If you cannot answer "Yes" to all of these questions critical to your company's success, you should consider a CRM system. For guidance in selecting the right CRM to boost your profits, cut costs, and make better decisions, please call me -- 330-929-1353x224. Also, ask about our "No Results Missed" guarantee.

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