Technology Leaders Predict How the Cloud Will Impact IT and Businesses in General Over the Next 2-3 Years

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By Marcia Nita Doron, Altico Advisors

Why is this relevant for the CRM Software Blog? Simple. Because most (maybe all?) CRM systems are cloud-based. You might say that CRM has been an early adopter of the cloud. As such, companies running CRM in the cloud already have a pretty good idea about how the cloud is shaping and changing their business, and perhaps how that impacts their IT departments in particular.

Still, with new waves of cloud technologies, applications, and products coming out virtually every day, the Cloud Leadership Series in W.I.R.E.D. Magazine makes for a fascinating read. Here's the link to Altico Advisors President, Mike Kean, responding to the 3 questions that each participant was asked to ponder:

What makes this a truly informative read is that it's a series, with a dozen participants so far. All of them are technology leaders like Dana Gardner who kicked off the series. Dana is the President and Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions, a leading enterprise IT analysis, market research, and consulting firm. I particularly enjoyed the insightful responses of Umberto Milletti, CEO at InsideView. He sees this era as "a new frontier of productivity."

The point is that you can link to all 12 interviews from the single link provided above. I'm sharing these with you because I believe that this series, part of W.I.R.E.D.'s blog on Innovation Insights: New Thinking for a New Era, will help us all deal with the changes that are already upon us and prepare for more changes in the very near future. These changes will significantly impact the  roles of CTOs, CIOs and CMOs as well as basic data ownership models. In other words, the way we do business today, the way our businesses are structured today, that's all changing.

I'm thankful to have been a Girl Scout because our motto was "Be Prepared!"

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