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It is essential to set up and track all the important information related to your HVAC businesses. During the next week or so, we will be blogging about 3 very important ways FieldBoss will help you set your HVAC company apart from the competition. Our first suggestion is to invest in a mobile solution that can be used on your contactor's smart phone or tablet. As contractors, we need real time access to our information - especially in the field.

Keep track of your contracts, locations, specifications, and repairs all in one place and have access to this information from anywhere. FieldBoss for HVAC Contactors will give you real time access to all your information, even in areas with no reception. You can also use tablets for your customer proposals that will give the customer a 1 step process without any redundancy. Tablets also introduce a visual element to traditional forms. Zoom in on product features, display product highlights, and turn a 2-dimensional form into an interactive selling experience.

If you would like more information on the FieldBoss HVAC mobile solution, you can contact us here.

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