Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration with Avaya one-X

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Avaya one-X is a desktop software application built to help manage Avaya phone systems in contact centers.  It has a number of different integration points that can be used to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Both Avaya desktop and web applications can be utilized.  With tight phone system and CRM integration, users can continue to use their CRM as their unified, ‘single pane of glass’ and system of record, while maintaining the productivity advantage of their existing phone system.  image

Because of the tight integration, agents will not have to search for customer contact details, create customer activity records, or manually dial numbers. Customer service is improved because relevant data is presented quickly in a pop-up. Agents can greet the customer by name, click to open the customer record, and access relevant customer information.  Agents will not have to leave CRM to make or receive a phone call, and they don’t have to flip to multiple windows to service their callers.

Points of Integration

The Web Services API and Screen Pop feature are the two most useful integration points with CRM. They both integrate well with CRM’s web resources and JavaScript APIs. The Web Services API can be used from both plug-ins and workflows.


Call Control via Web Services: The Web Services API is ideal for call control from within a CRM window. This will allow the call center employee to control the call from the CRM window. They can enter client information as well as call wrap up information without having to leave the CRM environment.  The Web Services API can also be used to load items into a notification queue for the client. Items include incoming calls, transfers and voicemail messages.  It can also be used to originate calls, answer calls, mute/unmute the phone and place calls on hold.

Screen pop:  Can be used to search for a contact or lead within CRM as a call is being answered. This is also used to pop up a call notes or call wrap up screen as the call is either answered or terminated.  The screen pop set-up is initiated through the Avaya one-X general settings.  The picture to the right shows the key parameters and you can watch someone set it up here (although that example is a simple command prompt instead of CRM, the principles are the same).