Microsoft Announces InsideView, Part of Dynamics CRM Online Release To Enhance Social Experience

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 To say social media has become important to the web may be a colossal understatement. One could argue it has become the web. Business is not immune to this trend, and the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 introduces a number of social media features that enhance customer experience and make it easier than ever to accomplish goals.

 Dynamics CRM now provides interoperability with many of Microsoft's previous strategic acquisitions, including Yammer, Lync, and Skype. Microsoft has also partnered with InsideView, a leading social intelligence provider, to deliver social Insights, real-time company and contact information from 30,000 sources.

 The official review says, “The first phase of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM alliance with InsideView, a leading social intelligence provider, is the introduction of Social Insights capabilities embedded into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Social Insights puts real-time company and contact information from 30,000 sources into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, helping marketing, sales, and account management professionals engage more effectively with prospects to win more deals as a result of less time spent researching and more time selling. Social Insights will be available at no additional cost to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers in the United States with Professional licenses on Oct. 30, 2013, with broader global rollout coming later in 2014.”


Marketing and sales representatives  can know more about prospective customers before engaging them and ultimately engage them more effectively throughout the sales process.


Among the other new features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is the new industry template system that offers users pre-defined and configurable processes that walk customers through each step. It also brings with it new templates for a number of industries, including professional services, financial services, event management, solution selling, and manufacturing. All templates will include functionality on mobile devices supported by Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Dynamics customers may download the templates for free.


Hand-in-hand with the social media revolution is expansion of computing beyond the office and into the hands of on-the-go professionals. Microsoft recognizes this new-found business mobility and has also released a new mobile client app for Microsoft Dynamics CRM available on Windows 8 tablets, Windows Phones, iPads, iPhones, and Android phones. The mobile client app is available to Dynamics users without an additional license fee.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics CRM Online continue to innovate and define the cutting edge of CRM. Packed with social media integration and even more user-friendly features, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is poised to propel your business into prosperity.




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