Making Microsoft Dynamics CRM 'Pop' with Your Phone System

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One of more frequent requests we get when building integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and a company’s existing phone system is the ability to create a ‘screen pop’.  At it’s most basic, this is usually just a new window that pops open on your desktop when a phone call comes in.  Sounds simple, and really it is.  The vast majority of in-use phone systems in this country have flexible API’s that make  screen pops easier and more flexible than ever.

For example, we recently integrated a web based phone system and Microsoft CRM. Using CRM web resources, Xrm JavaScript library and URL addressable forms, we were able to create a solution that worked well for our client and is easily reusable for other applications.  All the originating application (in our case, Avaya one-X) has to do is to navigate to a web page hosted in CRM with some search parameters in the query string. A url like this for example,


In this case there is only one parameter passed to the web page but there could be as many as required. The web page takes the parameters and does a search in CRM. If the search finds a single entity, the page redirects the browser to the entity’s form. If no results are returned by the search then the page redirects to a list of the entities allowing the user to do a more directed search or create a new record. Multiple results returned in the search can either redirect to the list of all entities or display the results returned. Below is a summary of the logic:

Geoff webb

The solution works well for the client and the simplicity allows quick customization and flexible searching. This came in handy as we worked with the client to optimize the search for their call center employees. The best part is that everything is contained within CRM so there are no external dependencies to complicate matters.

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