If Oprah Can Walk on Hot Coals, You Can Unleash the Giant Within your company- Can your company survive tough times?

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Oprah-Winfrey-Walking-On-Hot-CoalI watched Tony Robbins on PierS Morgan several months ago. Tony Robbins was the guest and spoke on the topic of taking control of your life even when experiencing traumatic life events.  Tony spoke with a young man that was shot in a high school shooting and is now paralyzed. This student has emerged and now plans to help the victims of the Sandy Hook Shooting with Tony.  There was a person who was homeless that built a business to $30 million then lost it all in the 2008 recession.  He then re-built his business to a better position.  Through these and other stories, I was reminded what Tony Robbins has done for thousands of other people all over the world.  Tony has a program called “Unleash the Giant Within”.  In this program you emerge as a more successful business person, family member, community leader, father, mother etc.  He encourages you to walk on hot coals in bare feet as a symbol of breaking through your mental barriers; the interesting piece is that Tony does not teach you the skills to be a better mother, father, business person….  There is no “be a better” mother, father, business leader… how to skill program.  Tony gives you the process and tools to unlock your greatness yourself.   Students of his program have gone on to do great things.  They have the tools and process to accomplish what they never thought possible before.  Even when they fail, as the business owner showcased in the show last night did.  They know how to get back on track because they have the tools and process to do so.

I encourage you to think about your company in a similar way, specifically sales and marketing.  When you look at how your sales and marketing teams are functioning do you believe they are running at an optimum level?  If there was a traumatic event that affected your company or industry could you get back on track again.  Do you know?  Is there an opportunity to unleash the giant within for your company?  I suggest you start with these five things:

1         Are your sales and marketing teams leveraging the best possible sales process?

2         Are your sales and marketing teams enabled by the best possible sales tools?

3         Do you have your top 4 key performance indicators defined?

4         Do your sales and marketing teams know and focus on these 4 KPI’s?

5         Can you easily track the lead indicators that result in these KPI’s?

If you can focus on these as a priority you will begin to Unleash the Giant within Your sales and marketing teams. Get the support you need if you are not sure about your company.  You will enjoy the comfort of knowing that you have a sales and marketing engine that would see you through the most difficult times.  I wish you great success.

Rob Triggs is a Sales Effectiveness consultant helping sales and marketing leaders leverage CRM to achieve greater success.





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