Get Ready for Enhanced Productivity…with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

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The Fall release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2013 is focused on delivering a streamlined business application that is intuitive, parallels the working environment and is optimized to work seamlessly with your mobile devices.

The dynamic thinking that drove the 2013 updates was directly related to creating an intuitive interface to enhance employee productivity; to offer employees the ability to access critical data anytime and anywhere; and the security of knowing data changes were deployed across the entire system, ensuring that everyone is always working with up-to-the-minute information. Even better – Microsoft CRM 2013’s robust platform is powerful enough for your team to create tailored solutions specifically for your business.

Let’s take a look at those features that drive enhanced productivity:

  • Reimagined User Experience: Dashboards are now set up to mirror the way people work. Employees can see everything they need in one location without having to flip back and forth between different pages and applications.
  • Increased Efficiency: Having all the necessary information organized in one place minimizes distractions and keeps employees focused on the work at hand. Streamlined navigation drops down from the top of the screen with a single touch.
  • Guided Processes: Employees now know what’s been completed, where they are in the process and what still remains to be done. No more guessing and no more excuses!
  • Easily Configurable: Simplified point and click process designer means your organization can easily create business-specific processes unique to your company and industry.
  • Built-In Sales and Customer Service Business Process: This version comes ready-made with a built-in Sales and Customer Service business process for sales, customer service and marketing. This provides an easily followed step-by-step plan to streamline your staff’s work with customers.
  • Mobile Ready: With today’s world of mobile technology, keeping your team connected to information, to each other, and to your customers is a must! Your team can access CRM anytime!

These are just a few of the highlights Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2013 offers to enhance the work experience, and offer seamless and consistent access to data; improving productivity, effectiveness and efficiencies throughout your company.

Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM is a powerful and effective tool that we use at P2 Automation on a daily basis to track our inbound and outbound communications, automate sales activities, and manage our marketing process. Microsoft CRM empowers organizations to manage the entire relationship cycle – from lead, to prospect, to client, and ongoing client management.  P2 Automation specializes in staying at the forefront of these technology solutions to recommend the right solutions for your business, customized to your requirements and business processes.

by P2 Automation

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