eBook: What’s Changed in Dynamics CRM 2013

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With the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 just around the corner, Microsoft has released this short, friendly, visual guide to key areas of change. In this new release the navigation has changed. The new, streamlined navigation drops down from the top of the screen. No more navigation pane.

This might be faster in the long run but I know there is nothing more frustrating than not knowing where to find a specific command in the place it has always been. As a Dynamics CRM user myself, I can tell this little ebook will be very helpful and I encourage all future Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 users to take a look.

Download at: http://rc.crm.dynamics.com/rc/downloads/Whats_changed_in_CRM_2013.pdf

The sections of this PPT style ebook are:

  • Goodbye Navigation Pane
  • Hello, Customer Data
  • Find work areas under the logo
  • Find the different record types
  • Check what’s under more commands
  • Pick up where you left off
  • Quickly navigate to other related info
  • Enter data in new ways
  • Edit info inline
  • Quickly create new records
  • Add notes
  • Follow guided business processes
  • Track key decision makers for your deals
  • Add or edit product items inline
  • Records are saved automatically
  • Looking for your reports
  • Find the Run Reports command
  • Locate the Advanced Find command

One of my favorite changes in Dynamics CRM 2013 so far? You no longer need to click or tap Save when you’re editing a record. By default, the system automatically saves any edited records every 30 seconds, or when you navigate to another record. Love it.

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