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Business Rules! in CRM 2013 Equals More Power to the Business

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In my  recent adventures into CRM 2013 online, I found "Business Rules!"

Yes, you  can make a field calculate with Business Rules. Business Rules is a  new feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.  Business Rules will even  allow even the less technical person to configure a form to calculate,  show/hide, update fields. Prior to CRM 2013, you would need to know how  to write Jscript to execute these tasks. With a simple point and  click of a Condition (s) and Action(s), you can have a calculated  field in minutes. Not to worry, CRM 2013 still supports  Jscripts for the more complex tasks.

Business  Rules allow you to:

  • Set a field  value/ or to apply a formula to calculate
  • Set a  field  to Required/Not Required
  • Hide/ Show a field Lock/Unlock a field
  • Show an error message


Finding the Business Rules in CRM 2013.

In Form  Customization, on the ribbon, click on "Business Rules" .Then click  on "New Business Rule" to create a new rule.


Setting up  the Business Rule (3 steps)

  1. Set the  Condition(s) on when to run the rule
  2. Set the Action
  3. Then Save and  Activate your rule


I see Business Rules as a valued step towards empowering the Business Power User/Administrator more control and understanding of CRM.  Have fun making up your own rules.

by Customer Effective

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