Broadlook for Microsoft Dynamics CRM—Streamline Your Research to Deliver High-Quality Prospects and Actionable Information

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The success of companies today depends on finding the right contacts within the right company. Marketing lists procured from list brokers are often expensive, not very accurate, and often out of date. The time you lose chasing obsolete information can never be regained. Real-time targeted information is truly the key for being successful in a competitive market. Just imagine the impact on your bottom line if you went from hundreds of poor-quality leads to thousands of solid leads in a matter of months. Think of the time savings if you could research companies and contacts in minutes instead of days.

This isn’t just wishful thinking. With Broadlook, you can automate the manual research process that businesses perform each day. Professionals from B2B sales companies; marketing, recruiting, and venture capital firms; and CRM/IT management have implemented these tools and are spending less time researching and more time generating revenue by reaching the right people, faster!

Broadlook’s marketing solution empowers you to “microtarget” potential contacts in real time by generating higher-quality information from custom search criteria. By quickly compiling a list of prime targets, you free up valuable time to focus on higher-value tasks that drive revenue.

The following is a summary of Broadlook’s Suite, and they are very proud to announce their newest solution, Multi-Merge for Dynamics CRM.

Profiler for Dynamics CRM

Profiler has been at the heart of Broadlook’s desktop technology for the last two years, saving customers thousands of hours of time. With recent advances in cloud technology, Profiler is accessible online. Microsoft Dynamics users can now have a completely automated data-enrichment machine right inside of Dynamics CRM. It’s now possible to research companies, companies, find additional contacts, get bios for those contacts, access the most up-to-date information, and build powerful workflows to automate the research of inbound leads.

Contact Capture for Dynamics CRM

Anything that takes your team away from the sales process is damaging and affects your bottom line. One of those tasks is manual data entry, adding up to hours and hours of lost productivity every year. Broadlook automates the process of entering data into CRM. Copy and paste an email signature, spreadsheet of contacts, a directory listing, or any contact information you find online—and Contact Capture will automatically enter data into the appropriate fields and create a lead, contact, or account. What took minutes can now be accomplished in seconds!

Shield for Dynamics CRM

Keeping your data normalized will dramatically improve the health of your CRM and the efficiency of your team. What is normalization? Think of it as standards enforcement for certain types of information. For example, there are multiple ways someone may write the title “Director of Finance” (Director of Finance, Finance Director, Dir Fin, etc.) and if these aren’t standardized, you could be building incomplete marketing lists, “de-duping” will be nearly impossible, and reporting will be difficult and inaccurate. Shield will standardize all of these possible variations of titles, addresses, personal and company names, and more to a scheme you select.

Multi-Merge for Dynamics CRM

Have you tried to merge records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Did you worry about the data you were losing when picking all or nothing on every field? Have you tried to merge more than two? You can’t. Multi-Merge solves all of these problems. Description fields can be merged, you can work with four to a maximum of 100 records at a time, and you can customize information in fields as you merge.

The TM Group has successfully been utilizing Broadlook’s tools to aid in our effective marketing efforts, which makes our company contact data the most precise and current in our Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Isn’t it time your company integrated Broadlook’s Suite into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Doing so could strengthen your lead-generation program and grow your business by increasing your sales. This recorded TMG webinar link provides an overview and product demonstration: Please contact The TM Group today at 888.482.2864 or visit our website at:


Submitted by Jennifer Swiderski, Marketing Manager at The TM Group in collaboration with Donato Diorio, CEO at Broadlook Technologies

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