Top 3 Reasons to Love Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

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Fall is a season of many changes: going back to school, having new goals and accomplishments, and of course seeing the wonderful display of autumn leaves on trees. This fall features another change: Microsoft’s release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013.


“With a reimagined user experience that is simple and intuitive, actionable intelligence at their fingertips, and a pervasive connection to the people and resources they need, Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes work personal by helping people across sales, marketing, and customer care teams reignite the passion they feel for their jobs so they can deliver amazing customer experiences,” reads the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Release Preview Guide. We are particularly enthusiastic about the following exciting enhancements to this new release.


New User Experience, More Intuitive and Less Cluttered

Microsoft has removed what many have described as annoying pop-up windows in CRM Version 4 and CRM 2011. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 also includes:

  • Creating new CRM records in the same window. A short-form display appears, permitting new records to be created without opening a new window or changing the screen.
  • There is an innovative parallel menu bar that streamlines navigation and frees up more screen space, replacing the current CRM left menu and ribbon navigation.
  • Built in auto-save for CRM record field updates.
  • The ability to direct dial into Dynamics CRM from any phone number field with Skype and Lync.
  • Associate images in CRM records, including contacts and users.

CRM Mobility Features

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, there is also now available a reliable, touch-friendly accessibility for Microsoft Dynamics CRM with your Windows 8 tablet or iPad. All CRM 2013 licenses include Dynamics CRM mobile applications at no additional cost. (On a separate note, there is a new three-tiered licensing option — Professional, Basic and Essential — but that’s another blog).

Social Tools and More Advanced Marketing Workbench in 2014

There are also neat tools that are soon to be generally released:

  • Netbreeze is a tool that will link social listening and monitoring with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to analyze social sentiment among customers. According to Microsoft, “Netbreeze delivers cutting-edge native language analytics combined with data mining, transactional and text analysis capabilities.”
  • Marketing Pilot is a new and unique marketing automation tool designed for mid-market and enterprise levels incorporated with CRM, including measuring metrics and data with exciting multi-channel campaigns.

Now is the time to begin budgeting for your Microsoft Dynamics 2013 implementation, installation or upgrade. With so many exciting features offered for this robust platform of CRM, it was hard to choose just three topics. Please contact The TM Group today and learn even more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013. Schedule a demo, speak to one of our expert consultants at 888.482.2864 or visit We look forward to making your CRM goals a reality!


Submitted by: Jennifer Swiderski

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