The Necessity of Customer Service Transparency

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The world of client services is transforming. As we look at the way customer support has evolved, we can see that businesses are putting more and more functions in the hands of the end consumer and providing additional visibility into the product or service. Some of us may recall the revolutionary move of FedEx in the infancy days of the internet age that allowed us to track a shipment in real time online. In today’s complex business world, clients need status updates and answers to their issues right away. In the global business world the demand for meaningful information for open issues is at a premium.

The idea of a Customer Portal or self-service portal is exciting as well as fearful to many businesses. It represents both sides. Clients can see, in real time, the status of their issues and the next steps in the resolution process, they can also measure their vendor performance and commitment to customer service. While the initial approach of “let’s keep it in house as long as we can” is tempting, it is also true that allowing or customers to help themselves is more efficient and much more economical. This method also gives customers a choice; they can choose the solution that best suits their needs.

At AKA, we understand the need to provide immediate results for our customers and we expect them as technology users ourselves. Here are some ideas for customizing Dynamics CRM:

  • Utilizing the CRM service module in conjunction with ADXStudio Customer Self-Service customizations puts a friendly and efficient web face onto your Microsoft Dynamics® CRM service tools.
  • Help Desk allows logged-in CRM contacts to create, review and update service cases directly from a web portal, then manage cases for their parent account.
  • The Knowledge Base customization displays the contents of the CRM knowledge base library on website pages, with helpful subject categorization and search features.
  • Marketers can manage product catalogs and web-based sales from within CRM, offering customers a secure shopping cart within stores built from categorized CRM product entities.

Eli Yaron, CRM Product Lead

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