SCRIBE Software – The Perfect Integration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Companies today have access to an incredible amount of customer information and data, more than ever before, and there are absolutely no signs that the creation of all this information will be slowing down anytime soon! To make sense of all this data, businesses must begin incorporating and analyzing this data in their business applications like Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

 The benefits of data integrations solutions are well known for saving businesses valuable time and reducing operating costs. The Scribe Data Integration Solutions help companies of all sizes achieve a competitive advantage through the successful integration of data and applications in cloud, hybrid, and premise environments.

 Scribe Online – A True Cloud Integration Platform Scribe Online is a multi-tenant, SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) data integration platform. It has two main components — the cloud environment and the agents. Subscribers use the cloud for activities including:


  • Managing their accounts
  • Defining connections to cloud and premise systems
  • Creating maps to synchronize fields between source and target systems
  • Scheduling days and times to run jobs
  • Viewing execution history and errors


The Scribe Online agents implement the instructions the user defines in the cloud and report results back to the cloud. Agents use connectors to communicate with end systems. Some connectors are specific to a system such as or Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and others provide generic connectivity to databases, text files, or web services. For cloud-to-cloud integration, Scribe Online offers cloud agents, which are automatically provisioned at the user's request. For cloud-to-premise or premise-to-premise integration, Scribe Online offers local agents, which the user installs on premise, usually behind a firewall.

Users access the Scribe Online cloud via a secure HTTP connection in a web browser, and the cloud also communicates with the agents over secure HTTP. Users must authenticate with a strong password to access Scribe Online, and the cloud encrypts the login credentials for connections used in integrations. Scribe Online users can belong to multiple organizations, and an organization's administrator can easily add and remove users. This facilitates cooperation with consultants who may join an organization to work on certain project or problem but do not need to have access indefinitely. A user who belongs to multiple organizations can easily switch from one to another using a popup menu. There is no need to log out and log back in again.

 Scribe knows how to bring your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP platforms for front office and back office together AND how to connect it to other cloud and premise applications to help your business:


  • Provide top notch customer support
  • Personalize the customer experience
  • Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Eliminate manual data entry and mistakes
  • Deliver fast access to critical financial data
  • Increase employee productivity


Integrations are easy to set up and even easier to use with Scribe’s intuitive visual interface guiding you through the process. Additionally, with one integration solution your organization will be able to connect to multiple business critical applications. View the demonstration via this YouTube video:


Proven integration for Dynamics CRM, GP and NAV, Scribe eliminates the need for manual coding and maintenance making it easy for your business to get connected, fast! To learn more, join The TM Group and view Scribe’s webinar, October 29th, from 11 am to Noon EDT for The State of Customer Data Integration 2013 review. This webcast will reflect the collective insights of nearly 1,000 business leaders and technology professionals, summarizes the results of Scribe's survey regarding business system integration trends and priorities, and describes how organizations are using customer data to improve revenue while building better customer loyalty.


Looking for a proven integrated solution for your Microsoft Dynamics? Now is the time for us to get started! Many of our clients are already enjoying this wonderful solution for their business processes. Please contact The TM Group today at 888.482.2864 or visit our website: .

Submitted by: Jennifer Swiderski, Marketing Manager TM Group in collaboration with Scott Thompson, Regional East Sales Manager, Scribe Software.

2 thoughts on “SCRIBE Software – The Perfect Integration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM”

  1. There isn’t anything out of the box that will perform the action of moving views between systems with disconnected users. However the View is just an entity in CRM and we can move it programmatically. We need a little more horse power than Scribe has, but it isn’t overly difficult.

  2. My client is migrating from Dynamics CRM 2015 on Prem, to Dynamics CRM 2016, on line.
    Can Scribe move personal views and dashboards across to the 2016 CRMOL database.
    I understand that new User GUIDS will be created and there will be no relationship to associate the existing personal views, and they will be wasted.
    The client has 900 users.

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