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Join a Dynamics Café webinar on October 24th to learn how New Belgium Brewing is enhancing sales, and impressing clients with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

New Belgium Brewing is the #3 craft beer brewer in the United States and their business practices are almost as cool as their product. That’s quite a boast considering New Belgium is responsible for brands like Fat Tire, Blue Paddle, and Sunshine Wheat. Still, by utilizing Microsoft hardware and software, New Belgium Brewing is setting standards for the next generation of business operations and sales.

Federal regulations actually prohibit brewers from selling directly to stores. As such, New Belgium employs what they call “Beer Rangers” to establish sales relationships with beer distributors. These Beer Rangers are equipped with more than just amazing names, though. Windows 8 tablets and Windows Phones empower these agents to access CRM sales data directly in the field. This approach has more benefits than you might realize.

Of course there’s the logistic benefit -- sales agents in the field have immediate access to all the data they need to keep the conversation rolling with a client. There’s no stepping out to make a call and no flipping through stacks of paper. The other benefit is a little more metaphysical. New Belgium enjoys a certain “hip-factor” when using this technology in the field. Think about it; if one potential business partner comes in with efficient, forward-thinking tech while the next relies on stacks of paper and time-consuming phone calls, which would you rather work with?

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If you’re intrigued by New Belgium’s approach to business, we encourage you to learn more about their successes through our Meet the Experts Live! Webinar series.

On Thursday, October 24 at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST, Microsoft Dynamics General Manager Fred Studer will host a webinar discussing all aspects of New Belgium’s business. Discussion is encouraged, so it’s a perfect opportunity to answer your questions regarding the business realities of Microsoft Dynamics and, of course, beer.

To register for the webinar, simply register at the Dynamics café at

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