Improving Customer Service with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM ( provides process automation that streamlines and improves customer service. When a customer service representative (CSR) opens a case record, the form displays multiple stages that guide the CSR through a standardized, logical series of steps to resolve a case with a customer. If a customer calls with an issue, you can see all recent cases and interactions with that customer on a single case form, so you don't need to navigate to different areas of the application to resolve the case.

When a customer calls, the automated process flow simplifies the process of managing the case and tracking customer and activity details. It leads users logically from task to task, ensuring that no steps are missed and that your organization's customer service standards are always kept up to par.

When you open a case record, a process bar is displayed at the top of the case form. It organizes customer service tasks under various stages that standardize the process. The process bar shows your progress by highlighting the stages and tasks that you've already completed. The stages and tasks shown in the process bar are easy to configure to suit the needs and standards of your organization.

The header of the case form displays important details about the case such as the case's owner, its priority, and its status. You can change any of those attributes right there. The "CUSTOMER DETAILS" pane displays the relevant accounts or contacts and their recent interactions with your organization. A collaboration area displays all posts, notes, and activities related to a selected case while you are working on it. You can customize any case form with the command bar.

Repeat sales and positive recommendations depend on strong customer service, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers the muscle for it.

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