Improving Customer Service with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Part 2

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In our last blog entry, we discussed Microsoft Dynamics CRM's automated customer service process flow and the CRM case form that displays all the information a customer service representative (CSR) needs to know about a customer's history in one window. This time out, let's look a little more closely at how this all works.

If you receive a phone call from a customer, you can begin the guided customer service process flow by simply clicking "Phone Support." You can also access the process flow by opening a new case (click "New Case" in the "Record" group in the list of cases), but clicking "Phone Support" always opens a new case anyway.

Next, you check to see if the person calling is an existing customer in the database by searching account and contact records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM ( If the caller is not an existing customer in your database, you can create a new contact record right there in the process flow. If the caller is an existing customer, you just select that customer, and the "CUSTOMER DETAILS" pane then displays details such as recent cases and activities relevant to that customer.

If the customer is calling about an existing case, select the case from the case list. Earlier cases and activities for that customer appear in the "RECENT CASES" and "RECENT ACTIVITIES" areas. If you create a new case for the call, the new case will automatically be associated with the customer you've selected.

Customers are the lifeblood of a successful business, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives your CSRs the tools they need to keep your customer relationships healthy and strong, and to do so with maximum efficiency.

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