How Customer-Centric (Really) is Your Organization?

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Answer this question honestly.  Does your businesses and IT organization regularly evaluate if the business strategy and supporting technology systems are properly aligned to truly center around the best-interests of your customers and the overall customer experience? 

If the answer is yes, congratulations, that is great - there is really no need to read on. 

However, if the answer was no, or not really, a Strategic Technology Review (STR) might be worth consideration.

With a Strategic Technology Review, a company can assess, evaluate, and diagnose the alignment of its core business strategy and objectives with its core processes and systems to ensure they provide customer-centric solutions.

It exposes in detail the alignment, or lack thereof, of the organizational culture and structure with the enterprise data, systems and workflow across the organization.  The goal is optimal alignment of these areas to the primary business objective of being a completely customer-centric organization that is flexible and adaptable to its customer’s unique and specific needs.  

A core enterprise solution to help enable this alignment is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, custom fit to your unique business needs.  CRM helps an organization better “know” its customers, what they are experiencing, what they have done with the company in the past, and most of all—what they need in the future.  This allows the organization to better engage with customers directly on a more personalized one-to-one basis. 

For example, if a company would like to know how many times a customer has done business with the organization in the past, how many times they have called for service, how many times they have come back or how many times they responded to specific campaign or promotion – it can, and the list goes on and on.  

Therefore, with the goal of providing a more personalized experience to customers in both the near and long term, and to help a company better engage with customers to enhance loyalty, a top-tier CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM is essential.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides business leaders and executive teams with the ability to truly know their customers better, through better data, information, intelligence and insight, illustrating a 360-degree view of the customer.

As Richard Ting points out in the Harvard Business Review blog post, “The Customer Profile, Your Brand’s Secret Weapon,” this is a truly competitive differentiator, which can allow the company to engage with customers and new prospects with tailored and personalized communications and solutions on an individualized basisand ultimately, to help deliver a world-class customer experience.

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