Dynamics CRM and SharePoint Team Up for Document Management Triumph

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Do you struggle to keep your sales documents and collateral up to date?

Are your field sales people using different versions of your company information in their customer interactions?

Are you creating new documents each time you need them instead of working from templates that would save you time and reduce errors?

If so, you aren't alone.  Even organizations using CRM solutions can struggle with managing their documents and ensuring that their sales people have the most accurate, current version of the sales collateral they need.

We have a client, a bike and wheel frame manufacturer, who was using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and struggling with this very issue.  They had been using a File Share to house their business documents.  However, the items in that File Share were rarely used, taking up valuable space, not kept current, and not of use to the company.  Once a document was added to the File Share, it was rarely touched again, either to be updated or used.

To overcome this inefficiency, they worked with Socius to connect Dynamics CRM to Microsoft SharePoint to create a document management system that enabled them to:

  • Dictate a direction for the process that creates correct templates for sales
  • Control the authoring or updates by creating manager controlled templates
  • Capture their valuable intellectual property

This video demonstrates how the connected system is set-up and works to help this organization manage their documents more effectively.

To learn more about how Dynamics CRM and SharePoint work together to benefit organizations like yours, view our recent webinar: SharePoint: The New Way to Work Together

By Socius, a CRM Partner in Ohio and Kansas (www.socius1.com)

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