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You probably already know how Microsoft CRM can help to facilitate the sales process, improve customer service, and expedite data gathering.  For some businesses – the ability to gather data in the field has led to a change of mindset…from CRM to Mobile CRM.   Examples of business who can benefit for Mobile CRM for data collections are technicians, service providers and  health care practitioners, to name a few.  The benefit of being able to collect data in the field ensures a higher degree of accuracy and reliability and eliminates the redundancy of having to input the data multiple times.

Once a company makes the decision to use Mobile CRM for data collection in the field, the second decision to be made is what type of devices are to be used.  Pay attention to how the devices will be used and where.  Many businesses are choosing tablets because they are lightweight, easy to carry in the field and less intrusive. Here are two examples of how Mobile CRM facilitates data collection:

Healthcare Service Provider - Performs In-Home Patient Care Assessments.  Visiting Nurses manually completed a 12-15 page form on-site with patients during each visit. These forms were then faxed back to the main office where the information was manually re-entered into a digital file.  The same data was then processed, uploaded and submitted to the insurance firm as a report.  Having to key in the same data multiple times resulted in errors, missing files and delays in the submission process.

Nurses now use Mobile Dynamics CRM on the iPad or Surface, giving them the ability to enter patient data directly into the insured’s file while on site with the patient, including past medical history, current patient health conditions and current medications.  This information is now immediately accessible in the main office. The elimination of redundant data input eliminates errors and delays as patient fields are entered once and then quickly transmitted to the insurance firms, expediting the entire process.

Marketing Consulting Company – Provides Fortune 500 Companies With Celebrity Feedback on Products. Complimentary products are sent to celebrities for use.  Field agents meet with them for feedback.  Using Mobile Dynamics CRM with a built-in script, field agents meet with celebrities to gather data on these products.  Mobile CRM expedites the data collection process, as information is reported back directly to both the Marketing Company and the Fortune 500 businesses to help them make product changes and develop focused promotions based on the celebrity feedback.  The process is seamless, efficient and now completed on one step vs. multiple ones.

For more examples, download our Whitepaper: Why Go Mobile? Six Strategic Objectives You Can Conquer with Mobile CRM.  Or, Contact Us Today to learn how you can get your business going with a Mobile CRM solution.

Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM is a powerful and effective tool that we use at P2 Automation on a daily basis to track our inbound and outbound communications, automate sales activities, and manage our marketing process. Microsoft CRM empowers organizations to manage the entire relationship cycle – from lead, to prospect, to client, and ongoing client management. P2 Automation specializes in staying at the forefront of these technology solutions to recommend the right solutions for your business, customized to your requirements and business processes.

P2 Automation is a Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner.

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