What Can Yammer and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Do For You?

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Yammer, the so-called "Facebook for business," delivers private enterprise social networks to more than 200,000 organizations around the planet. People use it to collaborate securely across departments, geographies, and business applications. Microsoft purchased Yammer last year, and they wasted little time integrating it nicely with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (www.mig.com/DynamicsCRM) Online.

Yammer integration enables Dynamics CRM Online users to work together on sales and customer service records, using tools familiar to anyone who has used Facebook or the like. Which is to say, almost everyone. With Yammer, it is easy to stay up to date, because when someone creates or updates a record, the system automatically alerts you. You can ask questions, offer congratulations, and compare notes with others all in one place.

To use Yammer with Microsoft CRM Online, you must choose to install product updates. Sign up for a Yammer account, and then connect it to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online account. When you create or update a record, or start a conversation thread, you will see Yammer on your record walls.

When you use Yammer with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, automatically-generated system notifications are stored in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organization, and conversations with other users are stored in your Yammer account.

If you install Yammer, it will replace your Activity Feeds functionality. You can still choose to use Activity Feeds instead, but bear in mind that eventually Yammer will replace Activity Feeds entirely. If you install Yammer, you cannot reinstall Activity Feeds.

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