Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Increase Lead Generation

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If you are in the market for a CRM, system chances are you’re looking for a solution that can do more than just manage your contacts or remind you of appointments.

Given that I’m a marketer by trade I’m going to focus on the marketing module of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for this particular blog, specifically inbound marketing. Have you ever found yourself wondering how to capture the information gained from your inbound marketing efforts? What do you do with the information once it is obtained?

We all know the real challenges of inbound marketing do not lie in producing the content or having it seen by the “blog-o-sphere” or “twitterverse”. The real challenge is capitalizing on the traffic the inbound marketing creates for your company and capturing the lead information your efforts produce.

If you are familiar with our company (if you aren’t check us out at or you know I’m constantly blogging, posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, or “tweeting” various bits of information I hope might help produce more leads. What you may not know is that I’m using our internal CRM system to help me convert traffic from these posts or blogs into new opportunities for our sales team.

Curious as to how I accomplish this? With CRM it’s actually quite simple. When I post on Facebook or blog on Twitter I almost always include a link back to the website. This link takes our potential customers to a contact form. This “Contact Us” form is integrated with our CRM system. When a prospect completes and submits the form I’m automatically notified that a new lead has been created. This not only saves me the time of manually creating a new lead record in our system, but also accelerates the sales process by automatically engaging an account executive. Furthermore, if the lead isn’t addressed in a timely fashion our sales manager is automatically alerted to ensure appropriate follow-up. Prior to using CRM this critical process was entirely manual and error prone.

This time saving trick of the marketing trade is just one of the many ways I use our CRM system to help me capture information and turn prospects into customers. For more information about using Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a comprehensive marketing solution for your company, please visit our website at, email us at, or call us at 303-773.6464.

by: Rachel Geib, Marketing Specialist

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