4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Microsoft CRM 2013”

  1. Yeah. "All of them tout how tightly they integrate with Microsoft CRM. Which begs the question: why doesn’t Microsoft CRM do that for you in the first place? Now, it will."

    Why not let MS do it all for the user, damn the solution providers. Why should anyone make any money beside MS with this CRM?

    The "solution providers" who invested into online solutions are the worst in here. Their solutions will automatically be moved up in 90 days to 2013. And guess what. If they have some code that breaks compatibility, being barely updated from CRM 4, tough luck. It won't work anymore.

  2. The Salesforce CRM-powered customer portal provides customers the ability to track their own cases, includes a social networking plug-in that enables the user to join the conversation about their company on social networking websites, provides analytical tools and other services including email

  3. "CRM fails when end users don’t like using it"

    This is exactly right and one of the benefits Microsoft has with Windows 8. The design language is ultra-simplified which also rubs off on their Dynamics team which badly needed simplification. I'm interested to play around with it as, from what I've seen it looks much improved.

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