Solving the Mystery of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cost

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With a progressive cloud or traditional model, full-featured mobile experiences, and top-to-bottom expandability, the decision to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an easy one based on its feature set. However, figuring out the cost of Dynamics CRM can muddy the waters a little bit.

Hesitation is understandable; for years businesses have operated off of a traditional, boxed software model. You’d just drive to the store, buy a stack of boxes, and let your IT department deploy and configure them. Granted, in recent years it’s shifted more to buying licenses in bulk, but the basic idea remains unchanged.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM represents a real sea change in the way software is deployed and maintained. Features like 24-hour support and social integration are enough to make a CTO’s mouth water, but the CFO is left with a few more questions when it comes to signing off on the upgrades.

Will the deployment be on-site or in the cloud? Will on-staff IT support the application or will that be handled by Microsoft support and Microsoft partners? How much customization needs to be done at the time of deployment? These are factors that can not only affect the sticker price of Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s deployment, but could end up costing even more in the long run if decisions aren’t made with a long-term vision in mind.

Fear not, ye confused CFOs of the world. We at the CRM Software Blog have created the Dynamics CRM Quick Cost Estimate tool, designed to give you a quick ballpark figure for the Dynamics CRM cost you can expect. Not only will this give you a figure for the cost of licenses for the software, but also the cost of implementation and ongoing support.

Should the estimate be in line with your budget, we can help you find a local Dynamics CRM partner who can guide you through the next steps to revolutionize your business’ CRM infrastructure. If dated CRM utilities are dragging down your company’s efficiency, take the first step and use our automated CRM Quick Cost Estimate tool today at

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