Microsoft Dynamics CRM... Wedding Planner?

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM ( isn't just used by businesses for customer relationship management, but also by many schools, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations for constituent relationship management. But Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementer and blogger JoeCRM has found a truly novel use for CRM: as a wedding planner.

Joe writes, "When I needed to track a lot of people with some extra data assigned to them, instead of putting it all in a spreadsheet like everyone else, I decided to create a CRM organization to track guests for my impending wedding." He wanted to track families and members of those families, so he matched them to accounts and contacts. He renamed accounts to families, and each family was given a number of contacts matching the invitees from that family.

For each family and individual, he could track invitation RSVPs, which meals attendees wanted to eat, wedding gifts, and whether or not thank you notes had been sent. Microsoft CRM enabled him to send mass "Save the Date" emails to every contact with an email address, and he used the mail merge feature to print envelopes for the invitations. After the invitations were sent, and as the Big Day neared, he could send mass emails to just those people who had not yet responded.

After the wedding is over and all the thank you notes have been written and delivered, Joe's CRM data will still be useful as the foundation of a future holiday card list, or just a historical record of "who gave us that colander again?"

The fact is, Microsoft Dynamics CRM simplifies the tasks around managing any large group of people, and the data it can collect and present is enormously and boundlessly useful.

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft Dynamics CRM... Wedding Planner?”

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  2. Yes its really amazing software we can also use microsoft dynamics crm many schools, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations for constituent relationship management

  3. Wedding Management software has decreased a lot of Stress for wedding planners. People can now keep a track on who is coming and who is not. They can also send a thank you letter to all the attendees who has attended their marriage.

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