Meet the Experts Live! How One Company Closes More Business Through Improved Sales Process and Pipeline Management

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We invite you to a Dynamics Café Meet the Experts Live! series webcast on September 5, 2013, where we’ll talk with Saia LTL Freight and learn first-hand how Microsoft Dynamics CRM revolutionized their sales process.

Saia’s problems sound familiar if you’re working on a dated software platform. Not only did Saia’s sales force have to spend hours researching every client before meetings, but a lack of mobile access meant they had to carry stacks of reports around just to field the most basic questions. Even then, data can change and questions slip through.

Long story short, Saia was simply wasting too much time bending to the restrictions of an antiquated software system. Enter Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and suddenly Saia is saving hours in sales prep and responding to questions in the field while avoiding time-consuming calls back to the office. Not only did Dynamics CRM improve Saia’s agility and efficiency in the field, but it also gave the company a real edge against competitors in the market.

So even if you think you’re happy with your current CRM solution, why not catch the webinar and hear direct from Saia how efficient sales can be. All you need to do is fill out the registration form and free up your calendar on September 5th at 11AM PST / 2PM EST. We look forward to sharing Saia’s story with you!

Webcast: September 5th at 11AM PST / 2PM EST Register Now

Hosted by Dynamics Café: Jamie Tozzi, Microsoft  Dynamics East Region General Manager, and featured guest, Gary Jones, Sales Expert from Saia LTL Freight

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