Maps Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Drive Better Decisions

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It is clear to see that maps integrated with CRM add value -- they not only offer productivity benefits to sales reps and sales managers, but also to marketing. Maps enable users to visualize their data in a way this is not possible looking at CRM views only.

Visually seeing data turned into knowledge leads to better decision making for which customers and prospects to visit or what areas to target. By utilizing the information in this way reps are working more efficiently and effectively, which means more money for the company - sales and cost savings.

Sales managers utilizing maps can better-track what their reps are doing and focus in on sales territories to determine if there is a more effective way to assign customers and prospects. Marketing can create targeted campaigns by type of prospect or by cloning the best customers. The benefits certainly don't stop there.

What is better than telling? Seeing...

Our overview video walks through the day of a sales rep and her usage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM equipped with CRM Call Planner. The video demonstrates how a rep navigates through the tool to plan sales calls and changes in her schedule. To see just how mapping works and gain competitive insight into working with customers and prospects, watch now.

If you would like help solving your sales challenges, or if you would like to accelerate your growth by using mapping with CRM, please call me at 800-897-9807 X 224, or email:

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