Little Things that make Microsoft Dynamics CRM Better

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I’ve pulled together a selection of reminders and tips that I like to share with my clients to help them make the most of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Set your Internet Explorer to tab settings

In Internet Explorer click on the wheel in the upper right corner.

 IE icon



A box opens, under the General Tab, go to the 3rd Section labeled Tabs, click on the Tabs button.

 IE Options

In the 3rd section shown below, “When a pop-up is encountered:” click ‘Always open pop-ups in a new tab’.

In the 4th section shown below, “Open links from other programs in:” click ‘A new tab in the current window’.

 Tabbed settings


  • Know what you are clicking on:
    • Single Click - If it is underlined when you scroll over it and single click, it will open the record that is underlined – NOT the record you are attempting to open.
    • Double Click – If it is underlined when you scroll over it and double click, it will open the record (line) and not the underlined record.


  • Speed up your searches:

When you are on the main page of CRM and click on a section like Accounts, Contacts, etc.  In the upper right corner is a search box.  You can type the person’s name you are looking for in there and hit enter to shorten your search time.  If you are unsure how to spell something, take what you know and add an * for the remaining.  Ex:  Coat*. By the way, you can use the wild card (*) before, after, or in the middle of your search criteria.Record search

Tab and Type – on those Look Up fields (those that have the icon below) you can type into that field and tab out of it. Search icon



You typed a unique name it will auto-populate for you.

If you typed a name with more than one option in the system you will get a yellow triangle - click on the red underlined word and it will show you a filtered list that matched what you typed in.Search flag

If you type a name that doesn’t exist in the system you will get an X - that means there is no record matching what you typed and you can then click on the search icon to get search options.      No match search icon

  • Recently Visited – CRM tracks where you have recently been in the system.  A short cut to get back to a record is only a click away!  In the left navigation look for the file with the star and click on that – it will show records of where you have recently been so that you can easily return to them.  You can also save records as “Favorites” similar to having favorites in your web browser.


Recently visited CRM list



We trust that these tips and recommendations will make Microsoft Dynamics CRM much easier to use. For more tips and CRM related information please visit the blog on our website.

OTT, Inc., is a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner and member of Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club for 2012 and Accounting Today’s Top Var 100 list for 2012.

By Brandi Bozek, CRM Consultant with OTT, Inc., St. Paul, Minnesota. Leading Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM partner.


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  1. our crm software when click on scan the new tab doesn't display any pages. we have internet explorer 8.. can you suggest what settings need to change.

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