How to Be Part of the 15% of CRM Users Who Are Satisfied

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When you start a CRM implementation project, you count on reaping benefits from your people using the system to its fullest potential.  In order for people to adopt and use your solution, they need to be satisfied with it.

According to researchers from Nucleus, only 15% of users of Sales Force Automation (SFA) CRM solutions report being “very satisfied” with their systems.  From that 15%, Nucleus has identified 5 common characteristics of successful CRM implementations with high user adoption rates.  If you keep these characteristics in mind when you select and implement a new CRM solution, you can dramatically increase your odds of having your people adopt your solution.

Adoptable CRM solutions:

  • Keep sales people engaged by keeping good quality data in the system and refreshed regularly.
  • Make it easy to access and interact with CRM data anywhere with mobile solutions or apps.
  • Directly integrate with email systems so that communications are automatically tracked.
  • Make it easy to share information and collaborate through social capabilities.
  • Allow for making changes over time to adapt to your business changes.

Learn more about these “Five Strategies for Successful CRM Adoption” by downloading the Nucleus Research Note here (

If you are considering or are in the midst of implementing a new CRM solution that does not include these five functional areas, contact us to discuss your options.  You could benefit from some add-on functionality, changing your implementation strategy, or selecting a new solution.

By Socius, a CRM Solutions Partner in Ohio and Kansas (

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