"Dynamics CRM Allows Me the Ultimate Marketing Dream"

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Recent product testimonial from a happy Microsoft Dynamics CRM user!

Our company implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM in Q1 of this year, and as the company has adapted to using it, I have been able to get more and more marketing value from it. From creating source campaigns to creating the dashboards to track them, I love the easy-to-consume visual representation of my results!

Dynamics CRM allows me the ultimate marketing dream: to be able to plan, implement, and execute a marketing campaign and track it in real-time within 1 program. I typically use advanced find to filter my custom fields in order to create target lists that capture exactly the candidates I am looking for. If I want to continuously communicate to and target these people, I can create this list dynamically so that it will self update if any of their key information related to my filters changes.

I can easily assign any of these lists to a campaign or upload a new marketing list that I have created in excel or obtained from an outside source. I can even assign lists to 2 different campaigns if I feel like testing out a few different marketing strategies. When someone asks what different marketing touch points I am suggesting for a particular campaign, or what marketing communications have been sent and are being planned, I can refer them back to the campaign where they can see clearly for themselves what has already happened and exactly what is planned for the future. I can also track my expenses associated with each activity within each campaign so that I can precisely track my budgets.

Since all of the response data comes in through our sales team, having their enthusiasm for the new system is essential to them actually entering data into the system for me to track. Recently, I have found that the best way of getting their buy-in is to show them what I am able to do with their data and show them all the different ways of tracking and reporting within the system. Creating a custom dashboard for each campaign has allowed me to share the metrics that I am measuring and allows them to quickly see what it will look like if there is no data associated with their name for a specific campaign. Capitalizing on their love of competition, creating a graph view that pits each salesperson against one-another is the easiest and most effective way I have found to motivate them to enter data into the system.

Microsoft Dynamics has added immeasurable value to our marketing department and made my role as an analyst much more streamlined and efficient. Whether I am working with IS to add custom fields to better understand our potential customers or pulling lists and creating targeted marketing campaigns for each vertical in our system, I am quickly reaching a point where I don’t know how I did my job without it.

by AKA Enterprise Solutions

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