Dynamics CRM 2013 Release – The Right Time to Outsource CRM Software Development to India

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The trigger for this post is the about to be released Dynamics CRM 2013 (Orion). As a person involved with customization and software development for Dynamics CRM since version 1.2, I've seen the process repeat itself.  Solutions for Dynamics CRM, have to be fully or partially rewritten, when new version is released. True, not each application needs to be rewritten, but how can you sell a solution developed for CRM 4 when CRM 2011 uses different web services, and Silverlight replaces aspx pages?  How can you honestly offer customers a solution based on functionality that is not available in CRM 4, when it is now available in CRM 2011? We had to rewrite a complete CRM solution that “mimics” activities in CRM 4, to allow billing customers based on completed activities, when CRM 2011 comes with the feature to customise activities, and we only had to add the billing functionality to customised activities.

Rewriting or continuously updating software applications to be fully compatible with new CRM versions, requires software programmers that otherwise can write additional features for the current version. With new versions released, on average, every two- three years, your return on investment is diminishing. When Dynamics CRM 2011 was released we decided to outsource CRM software development using freelancing websites. It was disappointing working with unreliable freelancers or agencies that claim to have CRM knowledge, while most of their staff are “freshers” (software programmers with no experience) with very limited knowledge of Dynamics CRM.

Developing software applications in India has two main benefits:

  • India offers competent software engineers, at a fraction of the cost of similar programmers in the US, UK, and Australia.
  • Developing solutions for CRM is not as complicated as developing standalone applications, if you deal with a company whose core business is Dynamics CRM and the programmers working for the company have the required experience and knowledge of CRM and CRM SDK.

With this goal in mind, we established Dynamics Objects (www.DynamicsObjects.com), offering Dynamics CRM users and ISV companies software development services in India.

Dynamics Objects is a joint venture between Ask-Distribution (Australia) and Indian company to provide customers with the best of both worlds, great software design at 50-60% less in software development cost. Cost of offshore work in India is substantially lower than that in the US and Europe. At Dynamics Objects, we work 24x7x365 with access to large pool of young, remarkably talented and enthusiastic IT engineers. Solutions for Dynamics CRM is our business. This is our core business and expertise; we only develop software for Dynamics CRM.

Among our customers you will find end-users as well as ISV and CRM resellers. When we are provided with well defined scope and all requirements are clear, we offer fixed prices to develop the solution, with guaranteed on-time delivery.  We guarantee the protection of your intellectual property, design, and development specifications. Software source code is mostly written in C# programming language and provided to you as Visual Studio Solution and CRM unmanaged Solution.

If you need a workflow, form customization, or complex application integrated with Dynamics CRM, use this form to contact us and we will respond ASAP.

by DNN Integration, ISV Partner for Microsoft Dynamics CRM




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