Bing Maps and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why we like to use graphs and charts to present our data, and why we like to have maps alongside entities with addresses. Microsoft Dynamics CRM ( supports Bing Maps for the latter, giving you access to more information and another way to view the information you already have.

Bing Maps are integrated into the account, contact, and lead forms. When there is enough street address information (address 1 fields) to match a Bing Maps record, the map will appear in the lower left corner of the forms. To update the Bing Maps information presented for a form, update the address information for that form and save it.

The location of the account, contact, or lead is shown as a blue dot on the map. These maps have the typical Bing Maps functionality: you can see nearby landmarks, "grab" a map and move it around, and you can use your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in or out. Move your cursor over the location dot to display the address in a pop-up, and click on the map to get directions.

If you feel that your organization does not need this functionality, or if you prefer to use a third party solution to deliver similar functionality, it is easy to disable Bing Maps integration, but doing so requires a System Administrator or System Customizer security role. Go to Settings > Administration > System Settings. On the "General" tab, simply select "No" under "Enable Bing Maps."

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