3 Licensing Options Offer Even More Flexibility With CRM Online

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One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is its scalability to meet your specific needs, and now Microsoft has made this apparent in terms of licensing costs as well!  The upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM is scheduled for this fall and provides users with business solution options that can meet their business needs, as well as their budgets.

In order to enrich the customer experience without testing strict budgets, Microsoft has released three licensing options for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM users to choose from this fall:

  1. Professional:  This Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution is for users who need a more robust customer relationship management (CRM) solution.  This solution will include sales force automation and deep marketing and customer care functionality.  The licensing fee for US users will be $65 per user, per month.
  2. Basic:  This solution will provide users with the ability to control the most critical aspects of managing customers including accounts, contacts and leads, case management functionality, reporting, and other custom applications.  U.S. users can choose the Basic Microsoft Dynamics CRM package for $30 per user, per month.
  3. Essential:  This Microsoft Dynamics CRM option is for users who only need access to customer applications developed in house or by Certified Microsoft Partners like Sherwood Systems.  Essential will be available to U.S. users for only $15 per user, per month.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a robust solution that offers the ability to manage prospects, customers, clients, patients, vendors, and other important business relationships.  This solution can streamline sales and marketing activities, improve your ability to reach prospects and interact with customers, and provide the insight you need to drive growth.  The licensing fees noted above do not include various services including storage, training, and other expenses that may be needed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation.  Contact Sherwood Systems for additional information about the flexibility offered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the option that may be best for your specific business needs and budget.

By Sherwood Systems, Microsoft ERP and CRM Partner out of Arizona

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