What Can Mail Merge Do For Your Marketing Campaigns?

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Are you about to launch a direct mail marketing campaign? Direct Mail campaigns are a lot of work, and it can get a bit hectic. With the mail merge feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM (www.mig.com/DynamicsCRM) you can easily print a marketing list out as mailing labels. The feature merges your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online data into a label template in Microsoft Word 2010.

To use the feature to print mailing labels, open the marketing list you want to use for the campaign. On the "Add" tab in the "Marketing" group, click "Mail Merge on List Members." In the "Select the mail merge type" list, select "Label."

You can start with a blank document or you can use a template. To use a template, click the Lookup button to select the one you want. You can create new mail merge templates in the System Settings area.

Click "Data Fields," then select the address columns you want to use for the mailing labels, and clear the columns you don't need.

Dynamics CRM will automatically open a Word document. Verify that the list is accurate in the "Mail Merge Recipients" dialog box, then click "OK."

If you want to add data fields to display more information, click "More items." Add any line breaks, spaces, or punctuation needed for the formatting expected by your postal service. When done, click "Update all labels."

You can preview your labels. If you're satisfied, click "Complete the merge."

Now you can simply click "Print" to print your mailing labels. Just don't forget to put label sheets in your printer!

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