Tracking Customer History in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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We live in a world where we are forced to multi-task: juggling text messages in-between email alerts, phone calls, news headlines, and the stack of paperwork on our desk.  A study from the University of California at Los Angeles found that people who learn something while multitasking are less able to recall what they learned later on. So when you read that email from your customer while talking to your co-worker, you might not be able to recall the details of the message as well as you think.

That’s where Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes in. This software is a great way to document conversations, emails and complete history with each customer or prospect, giving you an easy way to refer back to their account when you might not remember the specific details.


Problem #1: You can’t remember if Jennifer from ABC Customer attended your last event or if she said she would come to the next one.

Solution: Check the scheduled service activities and marketing campaign responses in CRM. You’ll then see that Jennifer didn’t attend your last event but she is interested in attending in the future.


Problem #2: You need to check and see if the issue that ABC Customer called about was resolved.

Solution: History, case descriptions, and status of service or support calls can be viewed in CRM under the ‘Service tab’




Through Microsoft Dynamics CRM you’ll always have all of the information about each customer, making it easier to answer their questions and offer excellent customer service. Having access to the details that you need can make a huge difference.

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