The Ups and Downs of Elevator Contracting

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The elevators that you service may only go in two directions, but your business activities can go every which way.  Gain both control and insight over your elevator contract business with a solution that can keep you heading in the right direction – FieldBoss®.

Elevator contracting is a unique niche business and requires a unique software solution that can manage all of the important parts of your operation.  FieldBoss offers the ability to control maintenance contracts, project activities, scheduling and dispatching, and all of the documents you may generate for prospects and customers.  Since FieldBoss is built within Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, you have the added advantage of managing marketing activities, leads, and sales activities from the same solution.  Most importantly, FieldBoss can be integrated with popular accounting solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics® GP, so you can keep tabs on real-time finances, inventory, and the other nuts-and-bolts of your business.

Most of your people are probably in the field, on the way to conduct inspections or perform maintenance activities.  Route Optimization features in FieldBoss integrate with Google or Bing mapping.  You can streamline their routes and the order in which your customers can be serviced to improve productivity.  Dispatch functionality, with escalation rules, works similar to triage in a hospital.  The customers with the highest needs can be serviced first and none of the other repair requests will get lost in the system.  FieldBoss works on smartphones and tablets so your field services teams can use photo or video capture on service calls and use signature capture for immediate billing.

A lot of data can be generated with each customer contract including part repairs and replacements, maintenance routines, inspections, and more.  The field teams can have access to all of this important data so they know what activities are covered under the current contract, which parts are on hand or need ordering, and what they need to do when they reach the jobsite.  After work is completed, you can quickly send out the invoice for services rendered and schedule the next scheduled maintenance routine.

FieldBoss was designed for the unique operations of contractors, like those in the elevator contractor industry.  This comprehensive solution offers greater control and insight into your business which can improve your productivity, profitability, and customer service.  Contact Rimrock Corporation for more information about how FieldBoss can help your business head in the right direction – up.

By Rimrock Corporation, Canadian Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner

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