The 3 C's to Cleaning Up Your CRM Data

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Whether you just implemented a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, are thinking of making the plunge, or the memory is hard to forget, data clean-up is essential to using your CRM effectively. The more accurate and relevant your data, the more tools you can leverage in your CRM system. So here are three tips to keep in mind AND they all begin with the letter ‘C’…go figure!

  • “C” is for…Collaboration: First thing is first and this usually happens before you even implement your CRM solution, but everyone at your organization should be on the same page as to how you plan to leverage CRM for everyday business operations. We recommend you appoint someone from each department to make these decisions and then communicate to each end user once decisions have been made. Getting everyone’s input is crucial to user adoption and should be high on the list of priorities as you keep your CRM data clean and the system running efficiently.
  • “C” is for…Consistency: Before you assign an array of CRM clean-up assignments across your organization, make sure you carefully outline the proper steps in order to keep things consistent across the board. The point of a CRM system is to connect your business, but if the sales department doesn’t understand why marketing assigned them a lead out of nowhere, you’re causing more confusion than anything.
  • “C” is for…Connecting to ERP: Similar to CRM, your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution should connect your business and people within your business. By connecting CRM and ERP, you can gain access to real-time data, helping improve data accuracy and making updates a breeze once your systems are updated with consistent data.

Contact Sherwood Systems if you have any questions or need help with your CRM system: As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner, we’ve gathered best practices to help keep CRM implementations, data migration, and clean-up as smooth as possible.

By Sherwood Systems, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner out of Arizona

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