Statistic Shows SaaS-Based CRM Systems Gain Larger Market Share

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While cloud computing has gained significant popularity in the media, some may still perceive the term SaaS (software-as-a-service) as little more than a buzzword. While cloud providers have undoubtedly helped to fuel the cloud hype machine as part of their marketing strategies, we now also have plenty of evidence that suggests an increasingly larger segment of businesses are moving their applications to the cloud.

According to in April of this year, Gartner published a study that revealed 40 percent of new CRM systems sold to customers are SaaS-based. While on-premise CRM systems still make up the majority, Gartner says the adoption of SaaS deployments is on the rise and will likely continue to gain momentum.

Enterprise CRM customers are actively seeking alternatives to the traditional on-premise deployments. They want easier methods of CRM implementation, methods that require less user intervention on the technical side, allowing them to focus more on the business-related aspects. Many of these companies have smaller IT staffs and less space for the infrastructure necessary to run on-premise business servers and applications.

As a result of these economic and personnel changes, more businesses are looking to replace aging, difficult-to-maintain legacy systems with SaaS-based CRM, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Some of these businesses are not prepared to run all of their systems in the cloud, but many are already running hybrid cloud deployments, which often include SaaS-based CRM.

As a whole, the CRM market grew 12 percent, three times the growth of other enterprise software. As companies struggle to keep revenue flowing, they are looking for better CRM systems that can help them reel in new customers and effectively retain the customers they already have

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