Save Time and Increase Productivity with the MS Dynamics CRM Automated Reporting Feature

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Have you found yourself arriving at a meeting only to realize you forgot to run a CRM report that was critical to the discussion? How many times have you had to remind someone to run their daily, weekly, or monthly CRM reports? We’ve all been there, and these tedious and time consuming reminders can hinder efficiency and delay productivity in the office.

What if I told you there was a way to eliminate the need to remember running CRM reports? By automating CRM reports that are reviewed frequently, you can increase awareness of your business and organizational metrics that may otherwise be overlooked in the chaos of the day.

Manually running reports can be a nuisance, and over the course of a busy day can easily be forgotten. However, with Dynamics CRM you can automate the scheduling and running of reports. You can have any report e-mailed to you, or anyone with an e-mail address, assuring it is available to the people that need to see the information. With automated reports, you can choose the time, date, and recurrence you would like to have a report e-mailed to you.

To give a real world example:

Imagine you have a conference call with your contract renewal team each Monday morning to discuss accounts that had signed contracts last week. Obviously, pulling a report of net new accounts is an integral part of being prepared to discuss new business. With automated reports you can have the report e-mailed to you and the other individuals on the conference call so that it is available to everyone as a point of reference. This will decrease confusion, create accountability, and also save you time. The efficiency of this process allows you to focus on the more important things in your day, and increases productivity and accountability within your organization.

If you are not currently taking advantage of the automated report feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM or you would like to address any other CRM objectives that you may have, please contact NexusTek at 303-773-6464 or

By: Dale Laushman, Consultant- NexusTek Dynamics Solutions

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