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As someone who has to balance the books for my own business, I understand the tendency to see every cost as a line-item on a budget. It’s the easiest way to make decisions -- spending X to get Y is not a mysterious proposition. However, when it comes to business investments, it’s rarely that simple. As businesses grow, the number of interconnected aspects around a business infrastructure grow exponentially.

When it comes to the price of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the question shouldn’t be how much it costs to use, but how much it costs to not use it.

Here’s a theoretical case study to illustrate the point. Say a lighting company is consulting with a business to renovate their fixtures with energy-efficient bulbs to reduce operating costs. The on-site consultant walks through the offices with the potential customer, noting that some of the lighting houses might be used with the newer bulbs, reducing installation cost and time.

Say the consultant then sits down with the client to work through an estimated deployment time and cost. If the consultant knew the company’s on-hand inventory for that specific size bulb, they could lay out all the direct options right away. With the powerful mobile tools of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the consultant can not only pull up that information on-site but also put in the orders right away.

However, without CRM data on-hand, the consultant must call back to the office to ask if they have that size bulb in inventory. Of course, the warehouse manager is in a meeting at the time, so the estimates have to wait until the consultants can speak to someone. Now, instead of visiting multiple potential installation sites, the contractor only has time for one. It’s a price paid in time, and we all know the adage about time and money.

Luckily, we’ve worked hard to make the question of Dynamics CRM price as straightforward and easy to understand as possible. With our Dynamics CRM Quick Cost Estimate tool, you can get a fast and reliable figure and begin the process of renovating your company’s CRM backbone. Just keep in mind with whatever estimate you receive -- it’s a cost you may already pay daily through inefficiency and missed opportunity.

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