Microsoft CRM, Apple & Google – A Stronger Relationship

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People interested in Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, who also happen to utilize different web browsers, devices or technologies, will now find Microsoft Dynamics CRM able to work from any device, anywhere, at any time. 

Specifically, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a top-tier CRM solution well known for its compatibility with the very popular email and productivity platform Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft-based applications, can now be accessed and utilized on an Apple Safari and/or Google Android device or browser, among others.

This is an exciting development that really signifies the direction in enterprise technologies and business applications, now being able to “play more nicely together,” thus gaining a stronger ‘relationship.’ 

This scenario came up recently with a client who was interested in using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for all of its great functionality and usability but wanted to utilize it on an Apple Mac laptop and wondered how well that would work, if at all.  She also wanted to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM on her iPad and iPhone, at times using the Mozilla web browser.  She hoped all of these would accommodate her online CRM-related business needs.

The good news is that in the most recent release of Dynamics CRM, she now had a solution that would work.

In a recent release, “Microsoft (MSFT) said the next version of its Dynamics CRM, which will be available this coming fall, will provide native support for Apple’s (AAPL) iPad and subsequently will support both Apple and Google (GOOG) Android-based smartphones as well as its own Windows Phone 8-based devices.”

Separately, the VAR Guy explains, “the new upcoming Dynamics CRM app, which Microsoft will offer online as Dynamics CRM Online Fall '13 and on-premises as Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013, will deliver more personal experiences to sales, marketing and customer care professionals, a vendor said.  Not only does the new edition support a variety of mobile devices but it also offers enhanced social collaboration capabilities through integration with Microsoft's Yammer, Skype and Lync.”

This is exciting, as former business ‘relationships’ set aside, this really illustrates a tangible step forward in Microsoft realizing its vision to help empower people (everyone) through great software and access to information, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


By Bret Rhodus, Supervising Consultant, BKD Technologies

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