Maps Add Value in CRM: Seeing the Whole Sales Picture

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Want a better way to quickly understand and use your sales and marketing information?  Want to stop wasting valuable time wading through piles of reports and spreadsheets.  Wish you could make better decisions faster?  See the “big picture” clearly?

In today’s world economy, it’s just not  enough to have the sales and marketing information to manage and grow your company.  You need to be able to slice it, dice it, and clearly see the relationships and opportunities "Location Intelligence" analysis with mapping technology will allow you to do that, and more.

Here's an example of how mapping helped a sales manager focus reps on the right prospects: the Charlie Story. Every company has a sales rep like Charlie who is just a bulldog. You increase his monthly quota and he hits it every time. You love Charlie because he gets the job done consistently.

Your Excel reports show that Charlie meets and surpasses his numbers all the time. However, when you plot his customers and prospects on a map, you see something that the Excel reports don’t show. You see that Charlie is hitting his numbers by staying within 50 miles of his home and only rarely reaching out in his territory.

Who’s at fault?  Charlie?  He has done everything you've asked of him, plus he puts in a full 40+hour a week work load. So, maybe it’s not Charlie.  Maybe you have assigned the wrong size territory.  Maybe you need another “Charlie” in the territory.

Mapping provides a visualization of your information that Excel or other reports alone cannot do . The reason we remember faces better than phone numbers is that we are visual creatures.  We get information relationships faster by seeing them on maps rather than on spreadsheets.   Maps and location intelligence help us see data relationships and provide a level of insight that makes for quicker decision-making.

The best way to begin is by applying the KISS principle.  Start out simple with an application like MapPoint where you can convert your Excel files to basic maps.  Then, when you are ready to move up the analytics ladder for more complex analysis or need a system that will give others access to report summaries, contact a CRM web-based systems provider.

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