Boost Mortgage Loan Volume in a Rising Rate Environment with Microsoft CRM

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Just last week, mortgage rates experienced the biggest one week increase in 26 years. With rates at a two year high, it is safe to say that many mortgage lending divisions would welcome a “secret weapon” to maintain the previous uptick in applicant demand and enhance staff productivity. The Customer Effective: Banking CRM solution is up to the challenge, as mortgage consultants can organize and manage all of their client, prospect, and referral source data in one central location, either directly in their Outlook or over the web.

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and tailored towards lending officers, Customer Effective: Banking allows mortgage specialists and sales managers to analyze and segment their book of business and target prospects. Additionally, the system allows mortgage branches to track their marketing effectiveness and produce on demand dashboards and campaign ROI reports. No longer will leads get lost in the shuffle or get contacted too frequently so that they request to be put on the do not call list. No longer will time and money be spent on purchasing weak leads and reusing marketing tactics that never seem to deliver big time results. No longer will loan officers and assistants wonder if certain marketing campaigns are actually working.

Customer Effective: Banking can integrate with a Loan Origination System (LOS) and bring in key mortgage data points on applications and originated loans. Such on demand visibility is much more efficient and less prone to human error than trying to track and monitor pipelines in separate spreadsheets per Loan Officer or Branch. With the CRM tool, sales managers have insight into sales stages and deal status, and thus are able to deliver more accurate end of the month projections. They no longer experience bottlenecks in waiting on someone to run an extract from the LOS and then reformat it at the last minute just before walking into an executive meeting. Plus, the powerful chart analytics of the Customer Effective: Banking solution allow sales managers to quickly identify under performers from both a prospecting, marketing, and closing perspective. If needed, as in the case of a sales manager assisting a struggling loan officer, the team selling and partnership approach to owning and sharing contacts and pipeline opportunities can be accommodated to improve branch collaboration and deal coverage.

The CRM system helps the loan officers more efficiently manage the mortgage application process. Loan Officers will have access to various “My Pipeline” views ranging from potential leads to in-process applications to decisioned apps to funded and completed mortgages. The filtered views available to the Loan Officer will enable her to be more organized and know who to call and when. For instance, as seen below, a personalized view can be created that shows Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) that are set to adjust in the next 90 days. This view is really a slam dunk for loan officers and it is wise to contact these clients/prospects as soon as possible to help them lock in a fixed rate prior to the rate reset and prior to the competition getting a hold of them.


Don’t let rising mortgage rates put a damper on your mortgage business! Contact Customer Effective to learn how our lending-tailored Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform can maximize your sales and marketing ROI and boost your loan volume.

by Customer Effective

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