Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM for E-Newsletter Distribution

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Keeping in contact with your customers and potential customers is vital to the success of your business. Email newsletters are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reach your contacts and inform them about your newest projects, promotions, and news. I’ve been sending out e-newsletters for several years and before I had Microsoft Dynamics CRM I would have to spend time continually updating different spreadsheets based on customer type, interests, and response.

Now that I have Microsoft Dynamics CRM, maintaining customer information is much easier. In CRM, you can set fields for each contact indicating if they are interested in receiving newsletters and their history as your customer. For example, I can have a different message for non-customers who are members of the Chamber of Commerce than for current customers who have Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Through the filter feature, you can pull your list of contacts and assign them to a marketing list. From there, you can directly merge your list to Outlook in just a few simple steps. Your email is sent from your address and includes an opt-out feature, ensuring you comply with regulations. When you receive responses to your e-newsletter, you can directly link the return email to that specific customer in CRM, providing an in-depth history for anyone else who views their account.

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By Sabrina Zimara, DFC Consultants

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