Surfacing User Adoption with Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Part 1

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User adoption is an area we put a lot of focus on with each project we deliver to our clients.  Ensuring user adoption can be accomplished in many different ways, as Brad Koontz highlighted in his blog post Tips for Putting the 'Use' in Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Adoption.  Assisting user adoption with a well-designed CRM environment is a critical component of every implementation and driving user adoption is a factor in every step of our delivery.  Once the system is up and running and users are interacting with CRM, how can you track how well the system is being adopted?  Where can you find out how many leads have been created and which users are creating these records?  One solution is to track user adoption through the use of Dashboards and charts. 

Your CRM environment will typically contain records that users will create and modify; Leads, Activities, Contacts, and Accounts for example.  One approach to gauging user adoption would be to run a report or investigate a set of records to determine the usage of the CRM environment.  These "pull" methods take time and are highly inefficient, not to mention that the results are not easily shared or consumed.  Dashboards with charts however leverage CRM to visually capture a snapshot of user interaction and enhance the data by utilizing fields such as date fields to highlight trends.  Dashboards also are a great tool to "push" or surface user adoption instead of having to fetch the desired metric somewhere else in the system.  In my next blog post I will detail the steps for creating a simple user adoption dashboard that can be implemented in CRM 2011.

If you need a more robust user adoption solution that surfaces metrics such as the number of interactions or "touches" users have made with records, Customer Effective has developed a solution that meets that requirement and displays user adoption at both a high and granular level.

Sample Dashboard



Sample Reports


Read more about the Managed Solution we have created check out Philip Li's blog post, Customer Effective’s User Adoption Managed Solution uncovers CRM User Behaviors.

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