Successful Investment Firm Sees Substantial ROI Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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A successful and growing Midwest investment firm was experiencing many Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform issues attributed to their former VAR’s mishandling of their CRM upgrade. They had many outstanding issues from the upgrade that needed to be rectified, and quickly. The company had worked with The TM Group previously and contacted us for an on-site CRM analysis project. From this analysis, we prepared a proposal to resolve all their support issues and asked this company to change their partner of record with Microsoft to The TM Group.

 This investment firm needed to straighten out their CRM implementation quickly because the firm relies heavily on CRM to manage all their business processes, sales procedures, and investment sales for their brokers. Their scheduling department also utilizes CRM. Scheduling had been a major challenge for the firm. They use CRM sales appointments linked to the sales team’s calendars to manage the outside sales team and all these appointments. Scheduling issues included appointments not showing up and appointment cancellations not displaying or updating, either. Everyone knows how difficult it is scheduling yourself, let alone scheduling for all these other teams! The TM Group determined this to be a major sync issue between MS Outlook and the company’s IT Environment. Once The TM Group turned on “Outlook caching” it made everything in MS CRM sync with MS Outlook and work seamlessly.

 The TM Group also collaborated with an appointed and designated Microsoft engineer to assist with some of the other outstanding issues the investment firm was experiencing. This kept the channel of communication moving effortlessly between The TM Group and Microsoft and was instrumental in the repair of other CRM support-related issues.

 Now that all the issues are fixed, the overall user adoption is extraordinarily high. The teams are all becoming CRM power users! This firm has highly customized software systems created specifically for their industry, including asset allocation. The company uses financial proprietary software for a variety of solutions in order to hold and maintain assets. The important thing is that all their current software can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

 If you’re looking for a stronger return on your investment for your Microsoft Dynamics software, The TM Group is your solution. Please call us today at 888.482.2864 for more information, or visit our website at


by Kelly Rose, Jennifer Swiderski, and Ken Jacobsen



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